Meet The Twiddys

Meet The Twiddys

 Terry, Ashlyn, Meredith and Megan

Twiddys started many years ago with humble beginnings. I was a single mom and my budget was tight, so I took a sewing machine that had been given to me and took to YouTube. I started taking apart my clothes to make outfits for my daughter. After a year or so, I managed to save up for my first vinyl cutting machine, and soon after, my first embroidery machine. I was able to take orders and work evenings after my daughter, Ashlyn, had gone to sleep. 

In 2015, my now husband and I moved in together and welcomed our daughter Meredith. Shortly after, my husband purchased my first commercial embroidery machine and heat press, and I began taking more and more orders. 

In 2016, my husband and I opened our first storefront with the intention of becoming a boutique. However, my roots quickly came through and I realized my passion lied in creating. We soon closed the storefront and worked out of my basement while I decided on how to move forward. 

My business continued to grow, and in late 2018 we had the opportunity to purchase a commercial building. And just like that, Twiddys was born. Our storefront opened in February 2019 and we saw unprecedented growth. Unfortunately, with the pandemic in 2020, we had to change our business plans and move to online only. With our future uncertain, we felt it was the best decision for our business. We once again experienced unprecedented growth, and made the decision to move online permanently. With this, we sold our building and made the decision to buy some property to build both our home and business on. 

Now in 2022 we are so excited to be so close to moving into our new warehouse and seeing how our business has expanded over the years. We are so grateful for all the customers who have supported us through the years and who have been with use through our many growing pains. We look forward to our future and the future of Twiddys. 

-Megan Twiddy, CEO

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